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Subliminal Symbology

For those who have yet to read the Heirophant's recent exclusive interview with Manson, Dramatic New Scenes for Celebritarian Needs, he pointed out something I'm sure most of us have not considered (or at least I hadn't). He was hinting at the upcoming symbol for the Celebritarian movement-- the Cross of Lorraine-- with the cover of the Holy Wood book (which is where the word "Celebritarian" was first mentioned)...

Well I'll be damned; it was right in front of us all along. Not that it has a large amount of significance (or maybe it does, it's too soon to call).
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Do you know when that book will be coming out?
still undecided, but we're hoping it may be during the celebritarian era because that would be the perfect time for it
I want to read it SOOOOOO badly its not even funny. I can't wait for the new album. Yay. =D