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Antipeople now you've gone too far...

Wrote up an essay. Pretty rough stuff... nothing too groundbreaking or new either, at least thas what i think... delving into the story of Antichrist Superstar basically. Yea, just read and tell me what ya think, or if i'm wrong about stuff, or if it was good and you learned new stuff. thnx Antipeople now you’ve gone too far The album is the story of the rise of the antichrist. It is told is chronological order, except for the first song, which takes place as the antichrist rises: Valentine's Day, February 14th, 1997 -the album notes this as the day the song was recorded-. To understand the monster's origins, we delve into the past, the beginning of the story. The antichrist was not always what he was. He was born a worm, insignificant. He grows up in the world of "The Beautiful People", a world where the attractive succeed, a world where appearance and good looks are what get you ahead. He is abused by others for their own benefit; they use him to achieve their own ends, not giving a second thought to their cruel treatment. The worm feels bitter and the seeds of who he will become are planted. "You shove your hair down my throat I feel your fingers in me Tear this bitter fruit to mess And wrap it in your soiled dress now you must spit out the seeds" The worm's love life is hopeless. Women use him the same way everyone else does. In a grotesque act of desperation, he attempts to create the perfect companion, a woman "made of hair and bone and little teeth and things I cannot speak", but soon realises this thing is merely a tourniquet -A device used to check bleeding by temporarily stopping the flow of blood through a large artery in a limb.- and it will not ever fill the hole missing in his life. Little Horn is a biblical reference. In the book of Daniel, this person was one who spoke out against god. At this point, the worm truly feels anger and hate for the media driven, celebrity worshipping society around him. He wants to save these people "Save yourself from this, save yourself from this." but quickly realises its futile: "You can't save yourself, you can't save yourself" As he becomes disillusioned with everything around him, including god, he feels a change occurring in him. He strives for greater things... and begins on his path to becoming the man of his dreams, the rock star; Marilyn Manson. There are two transformations in the story, and they are marked by the lines: "Prick your finger it is done... the moon has now eclipsed the sun... the angel has spread its wings... the time has come for bitter things..." In this case, our hero has started the second part of his life. Suddenly, our former worm has become something stronger. As people start to gather around him and listen to him, he enjoys his new found power. He begins to learn what he is capable of and begins to spread his message. “you are the one I want and what I want is so unreal I’m such a dirty Rock star yeah... I am the one you want and the one you want is so unreal” The rock star begins to understand what is happening to him in Wormboy. He is slipping into the very world he grew up hating. As even more people rally to his cause, and look to him as a leader. Ironically, he despises these people because of the way they worship him as a god for the simple reason that he has become famous: “I know that I can turn you on I wish I could just turn you off I never wanted this Hate has begun to manifest itself in the rock star. Angel with the scabbed wings is an important chapter in this story. In it, our hero gains a deep insight about two things: 1)His own nature: He feels yet another, more significant change occurring within him. The fame he has experienced has numbed him, made him inhuman “Dead is what he is, he does what he please” He also sees a duality within himself. To his fans, he is the maker, the saviour, but he knows the truth, he is the taker, the raper. 2) The nature of the fans that follow him. To them, he is no person, he is merely a thing, there for their entertainment. “sketch a little keyhole for looking-glass people, you don't want to see him, you only want to be him.” Before undergoing his final change, our hero reflects on his past. –If you’ve read The Long Hard Road Out of Hell, you’ll realise this is a song about Manson’s grandfather, Jack Warner. This was a man who, at the time, Manson respected and loved, but intensely feared. He represented everything disgusting and vile. Despite the man’s physical disfigurement, he had sexual fetishes that would make the Marquis de Sade look like a nun. In this point of the story, our hero realises he has become everything he feared, he has become his grandfather.- Our hero is now ready for the final change. And as our hero stands atop his podium, in front of a crowd that rivals a fascist rally, he berates them for what they have done to themselves: “you built me up with your wishing hell I didn't have to sell you you threw your money in the pissing well you do just what they tell you” He realises that he has become a monster, a hydra. You cannot kill him. Try to hurt him, and he retaliates two fold. And so the antichrist is born, as signified by the “Prick your finger it is done…” lines. The Antichrist’s wrath is at it’s peek. After sowing destruction and chaos throughout the world with his vengeful music and radically nihilistic ideas (1996), his only wish is to die. He despairs at the world and at himself. He’s tired of this life, he hates who he has become and if he dies, he wants to take the whole world with him (Minute of Decay). In his eyes, everything is born to die. He is consumed by the thoughts of how the world is a terrible places, devoid of anyone or anything good. “your world is an ashtray we burn and coil like cigarettes the more you cry your ashes turn to mud it's the nature of the leeches, the virgin's feeling cheated you've only spent a second of your life” But the saddest part, as the antichrist realises, is that even god cannot save him, because the only god that ever existed was himself. “I went to god just to see, and I was looking at me saw heaven and hell were lies when I'm god everybody dies” Each person is their own god, their own devil, and they must take responsibility for their own actions. He cannot forgive himself, or anyone else for what they have done. “No salvation, no forgiveness” The antichrist contemplates suicide. It is the only option for him now, the only exit. And perhaps, in committing this final act, he will be martyred; maybe the people will finally understand him. Before shooting himself, the antichrist gives one last performance. He struggles to justify himself “I was born into this” “someone had to go this far”. Any worm could become what he has, it could’ve easily happened to someone else. But our hero realises his own failure to effect change “everything turns to shit.” Life is a cut that never heals, something that will hurt forever. It is evident that history will repeat itself, that people will go on living the same way they did before, and that for all his effort, our hero has accomplished nothing. The legacy of the antichrist is an electronic recording: Go ahead and build a better messiah, we can dig another grave This is your calling. If you are hearing this, there is nothing I can do Something has grown in my chest. And I have seen it. It is hard and cold. It's been dormant for many years. I have tried to save you, but I cannot come to save you But this is what you deserve This is what we deserve This is something that we have brought upon ourselves We are not a victim, you are not a victim We are not a victim, you are not a victim God will grovel before me. God will crawl at my feet. These are the dying years. These are the dying years. When you are suffering, know that I have betrayed you. The haunting message here is that if he couldn’t change the world, no one can. They will die trying. It is the way of the people. We deserve damnation. He wishes us to remember him when the world ends, remember how he tried to save us but instead betrayed us by giving up and killing himself. So ends the triptych
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